Tuesday, June 18, 2013

17 Days Out

It is amazing the amount of items that one can accumulate over the course of a couple years. 
I moved here almost the same way I am moving to South Carolina. The only difference was I brought a dresser this last time. 
What is also amazing is how much stuff I am just willing to get rid of. I went and sold a bunch of clothes and shoes to a resale store. A lot of the items were worn once or not at all. A hand full still had tags. I know I am not the only one out there that has those kinds of items in their closet. But why do we buy them. And even more why do we keep them? Just to take up space makes no sense to me. I also donated three garbage bags full of clothes that I just don't wear any longer. I still can't believe that I ever said I had nothing to wear.
A few days ago I packed up most of the clothes that I am taking with me but figured I wouldn't be wearing before I leave. Eight large bags of clothes that I can not get rid of but I wouldn't be wearing in a one month time frame is excessive. Even in my own eyes. I only left out one drawer of basic t-shirts and neutrals and a few things hanging in my closet, the basics and probably the only things that I should be taking with me. But I can't just let go of the other items. 
Now the hard part is going to start. Today I am about to go through the drawers and boxes of miscellaneous items that I have acquired. This is where the memories are going to spring up. I know I will have a story for every item I have held onto.
It's 17 days out and the closer I am getting to July 5th the more excited I am about leaving California. Every day that goes by and my phone doesn't ring or make a sound, except for a twitter notification, makes me feel secure in the fact that this is the right choice for me. Why should I be sad to leave this city when not even my friend or family is making an effort to see me before I go.  

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